Custom Timber Frame Design

Attention to details is just the beginning of how we craft a custom designed timber frame home to match you and your dreams. Each of our custom designs is a reflection of your needs, your hopes, and is therefore ultimately original. In order to be a truly custom design, the character of your timber frame home should be a uniquely personal affair. Fortunately timber frames are inherently suited at making each frame special. The natural characteristics of wood enhance any style whether it be; Adirondack, Craftsman, Contemporary or your own personal style.

To us custom design is more than choosing the color of paint…

What is Custom Design?

The essence of good timber frame design is to focusing on the client; otherwise it is not a custom design but rather a stock idea that clients are pushed into. Don’t get us wrong, standard designs and ideas often fit the needs of many aspiring timber frame home owners but they are not truly custom-designed. To us custom design is more than choosing the color of paint, style of cabinetry or innumerable other cosmetic details that go into designing your dream home. Indeed the frame configuration, style, joinery and even the manner in which your timber frame is raised all contribute what makes a timber frame truly custom.

So what is custom design? It is a reflection of you; your style, your tastes, your life – past, present, and future. A catalog may be a good place to start but ultimately a custom design must reflect you.

While browsing through our work please take note of frames and elements that you like; it will help in crafting your design to match your taste. But if you don’t see a frame that exactly fits your needs or reflects your unique tastes – well that is probably because our other clients are of course not you.

About our Design Services

We have often found that lines on paper convey little meaning to people who don’t work with construction drawings on a daily basis. While there is no substitute for seeing the real thing* we have found that by designing our frames in 3D we offer our clients the next best thing. By designing in 3D we not only help you visualize the design well in advance we can also help you and your design professional minimize or eliminate potential design problems.

*Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a time to tour one of our custom designed frames.

Benefits and Features of Our Design Services
  • 3D Walk thrus
  • Photo Real Renderings
  • Design Deposit credited toward Construction Contract

Where to Start

An often vexing problem for people beginning the design of their custom timber frame is where to start. Quite simply you start with us. We listen to your design ideas not only for inspiration for the mechanics of your frame but also its ultimate purpose. We encourage all our clients to work with a design professional but because the timber frame is so intricately intertwined it is important to involve us as earliy as possible. There are not only the structural requirements to consider but also the look and feel for the home. The timber frame configuation, joinery options as well as embellishments should be incorporated as early on. An often quoted phrase is the “Devil is in the details” which may be true for some things but for timber framing “The Beauty is in the details”.
By working in tandem with your design professional we can head off potential design conflicts and focus the frame to reflect your ultimate needs.

Fortunately we can assist you in visualizing the details by designing all our frames in 3D. 2D drawings utterly fall short when portraying the magnificence of your frame.
And while 2D pales in comparison to 3D, 3D is similarly insignificant to seeing the real thing. We try to hold tours of our finished homes regularly but it is probably easier for you to schedule a visit of our shop and/or other timber framed homes.