Timber Frame Photo Galleries

Timber Frames

A gallery of our stand-alone frames. A short but also our favorite phase of a frame’s life. No sheathing, panels or furniture. Just the natural beauty of our frames. They are still handsome when furnished but they likely will never stand alone as depict here.

Timber Frame Interiors

A gallery of our finsihed timber frames. The timber frame is the just the start of the many ways you can customize your home. The galleries here show how some clients have finished their frames.

Timber Frame Entrances

A timber frame entrance is a handsome addition to any home. Our custom entrance frames can be crafted to suit any style home. Often a timber frame entrance may be the only clue that one of our beautiful timber frames lies inside.

Timber Frame Pegolas

Whether you need to shade a patio or want to add some character to a garden; timber frame pergolas enhance any outdoor setting. The warmth and beauty of natural larch timbers soften hardscapes and make outdoor spaces more inviting.

Timber Frame Porches

Our timber frame porches make a great addition to any home. Heavy timber posts are not only beautiful but provide the right proportions to make a porch feel substantial and cozy.

Timber Frame Raisings

Raisings are without a doubt the most dramatic and eventful moment of the timber framing experience. In a matter of hours a stack of assembled timbers becomes a free standing frame.

Scenic Photo Gallery

This is a collection of some of our favorite photos that don’t fit neatly in a particualr category other than that they are beautiful and feature some ascpect of our frames and/or craft. Many of the photos in the collection were taken by friends, family and even our wonderful clients.