Standard Pergola

Our standard pergola sizes and configurations are perfectly suited for most backyards, patios and outdoor settings.
Curved braces add extra headroom, increase stability and perfectly frame your prized outdoor views. The standard purlin spacing provides adequate shade while maximizing economy. Dimensions given are for the width and depth of the posts. The standard pergola configuration has a one foot roof overhang in both directions.

    Standard Features
  • 6 x 6 solid wood posts
  • All wood joinery
  • One foot purlin overhang
  • Curved braces
  • Rot resistant Larch timbers
  • 16″ purlin spacing
  • Ogee purlin ends
Pergola Standard Size Pricing*
Depth Width
8′ 10′ 12′ 14′
8′ $ 3495 $ 3695 $ 3995 $ 4295
10′ $ 3895 $ 4095 $ 4395
12′ $ 4195 $ 4495
14′ $ 4195 $ 4495

*Standard pricing does not include delivery or installation. Prices are subject to change.

Delivery & Installation

Our frames are handcrafted in our shop limiting on site construction/installation to a minimum. Due to varying site conditions and travel time prices do not include delivery and installation but are reasonable. Typically installations are less than an hour and rarely more than a day.

Changes & Modifications

Slight modifications such as different purlin ends, different roof overhangs, and minor changes in dimensions and spacing do not significantly alter the price. If you are looking for something different look over pergola options or our custom design sections and then request a quote.

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