Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is quite simple. Any information you provide us is private… period! We will never sell or share your information and you can unsubscribe to any of our update services at any time.

Subscription Platforms

We offer a wide variety of subscription/following opportunities to accommodate you and your interest in our company and/or timber framing in general. We enjoy the benefits these update platforms offer to not only converse with you but the increased interactivity many of them offer. Timber framing has always been about building communities, in both a real and abstract sense, and we are grateful to have the ability to carry out that tradition. With such a variety of platforms available we thought it might be helpful to clarify what those services mean for those having trouble choosing. We have grouped the updates based on their frequency.

Instant Updates


RSS, or real simple syndication, is similar to a news wire service and delivers content posted on our website as soon as it is published. This service can be viewed directly in your browser, in an email program such as Outlook, or through RSS specific services such as Google’s Feedburner. Content is delivered in its entirety and includes images.


Similar to the news wire features of RSS, Twitter provides instant updates of posts on our website, Facebook fan page, and other online features. The content is limited to 140 characters and will not show enhanced content such as images or videos. Following our Twitter profile has the unique advantage that it aggregates all of our online activity into one place.

Daily Updates


Our Facebook fan page features our website posts in a truncated form, with links back to our main site, as well as unique content found only on the Facebook. FYI, content from our website is delivered to our fan page several hours after posting to our site. With Facebook’s interactivity we look forward to deeper engagement with our fans, clients, and anyone interested in sharing our passion for timber framing. Unique content and exclusive offers will be available to our fans on Facebook.

Weekly Updates

Email Subscription

Our email subscription is sent weekly (only if new content has been published) and delivered to your inbox so you can read at your leisure. Subscribers to our email service will receive special offers and advanced notice of special events. We recommend that you subscribe to the html version of the updates as it shows images as well as text and provides a better overall experience

Monthly/Quarterly Updates


The e-newsletter features not only a recap of previous posts to our website and Facebook fan page but exclusive content as well. Presently we offer the newsletter in three formats e-newsletter, pdf version, and print version on a quarterly basis. The pdf version is available through a download link in the e-version. The paper version can be requested through our contact us form or by emailing us directly. We are currently considering offering the newsletter on a monthly basis. What do you think?

Choosing an update service

  • Fastest – RSS, Twitter
  • Includes all updates – Twitter
  • Enhanced Content – Facebook, Newsletter
  • Easiest – Email Subscription
  • Unique Offers – Email, Newsletter, Facebook

Choosing an update platform will obviously depend on what you are currently using and comfortable with. If you are unfamiliar with the social media platforms, we suggest you subscribe by email and receive the e-newsletter. If you are using social media, why not sign up/follow us across all the platforms and see which one offers you the best experience. Regardless of your subscription choice, we encourage you to visit the site often and always welcome your feedback.