Reading List

Suggested Reading

Many of our customers are interested in learning more about timber framing and while we like to consider ourself experts other sources of information are always helpful. Also, we can’t help but use this space for the shameless promotion of the owner’s books. If you are interested in personalized versions of Tim’s books please contact us and we will accomodate your wishes as best we can. 

Books about Timber Framing

Perhaps the best book that explains how timber frames integrate with other aspects of home construction. Highly recommended for architects, engineers, builders and subcontractors interested in learning more about how to work with/around timber frames.

Jack Sobon’s second book which includes updated information on traditional timber framing styles and techniques.

Steve Chapell’s workshop book includes a more in-depth look at builder’s math and frame calculations. An excellent primer for those who are interested in timber frame and joint design/engineering.

Benson’s first book. It includes some detailed instructions on how to cut timber frame joinery with a limited number of hand and power tools. Great for the DIYer.

Sobon’s first book. According to Jack there is some inaccurate information in this book and he refers his second book for more accurate information. Still, as with Jack’s other book it highlights the timber framing ethic an craft.

Books by the owner

My second book. Each hike through the Adirondack Park is rated for scenery, difficulty, trail condition, and accessibility for children. Individual trail maps, elevation profiles, and GPS trailhead coordinates aid in navigating the myriad of unnamed roads. Featured trails range from easy strolls for the family to bone-crunching vertical ascents for the fearless hiker.

My first book. With New York natives and camping experts Cate Wells, Aaron Starmer, and Timothy Starmer on your side, the very best tent camping in New York is only a quick read away. Hand selected for their appeal to tent campers who love seclusion, beauty, quiet, and security, the 50 campsites profiled in The Best in Tent Camping: New York represent the best of the best. Along with a detailed profile and useful at-a-glance information, campground maps show layout, individual sites, and key facilities. Driving directions supplemented with GPS-based coordinates for each campground entrance make getting there a snap.