Spring Hand Raising

Calling all Timber Frame Enthusiasts!

Carrying a timber a past hand raising

Past Hand Raising

Raising a timber frame is without a doubt the most dramatic aspect of the craft. Within hours, a stack of assembled timbers is transformed into a free-standing structure. Our typical raising involves cranes or heavy equipment and many who observe the process remark about the excitement and express a desire to participate (a video of typical raising is available here). Unfortunately the size, scope and safety concerns during a typical raising are too large to allow for voluntary participants. It is unfortunate because community raisings are fine American tradition that we would love to foster and participate in more of. Well low and behold we have a project in the works that is a perfect fit for a hand raising and we hope you will take the opportunity to join us. Whether you a true timber frame lover or just interested in learning more about the craft we cordially invite you to join us in this fun project. At this point we are still in planning phase but wanted to put this event on your radar as soon as possible (more details below)

The Project

Render of Addition Frame

The project is a 18′ by 16′ Timber Frame addition that is very near to our shop. Though the project may be small in square footage it is big on details.
The frame features:

  • Eastern White Pine Timbers
  • Tension Tie Beams with Wedged Joinery
  • Dovetailed Purlins
  • Spline Girts

The What, How, and When?

Well okay so the exact date and details of the raising are still to be determined but anyone interested in participating should sign up for event notifications below. As of now we hoping to schedule the event some time in May and will hold the raising on a Saturday Morning to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to participate. Planning for the event will be involved so we will likely require RSVP in the near future so if you are interested please sign up for the event notifications to be the first on the list. We hope to have the full details ready within the next few weeks so check back for updates. You can also visit the Event Page for future updates and details

(This event has past and no longer has a notification associated with it.)

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Please Note: The hand raising will quite literally be a hands on event and participants should expect to do some lifting and get some sawdust on them. If you would rather observe than participate please indicate that when contacting us so we can effectively plan the raising.

We hope this will be a rewarding experience for all involved and look forward to seeing you there.

If you have a specific project in mind, especially for this coming building season today is the time to get in touch with us.

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