Support your local Economy and Build a Timber Frame

Lately the Green Movement has gone mainstream and while this is certainly a measure of progress it falls short of the much greater goal of being sustainable. In addition to environmental consideration, the sustainability movement also accounts for the community and business interests as well. Perhaps the most over looked aspect of this formula is that no particular leg takes precedence over another. They all carry equal weight and each supports the other. Too much of one and the others suffer. On the other hand if each is fostered they build a synergy that helps each grow faster.

Local Business and Sustainability

One of the most effective ways to promote and foster the sustainability movement is to buy from and support local businesses. Not convinced consider the following. A study in Chicago found, for every $100 spent at a local business $68 stays in the community while the same $100 spent at a chain business only leaves $43 dollars in the community. This is a stunning statistic that revels how chain stores are essentially funnels that suck money out of the local community.

Timber Framing is Local

[singlepic id=126 w=200 h=240 float=right]So one of the questions you may ask is how is New Heritage Woodworking local. Besides employing local labor and being locally owned and operated, we also get the majority of our materials locally. Our posts and beams are sawn at a local sawmill (less than ten miles from our shop). Furthermore, they get their timbers from woodlots which are logged by local loggers on properties within Central New York. Whenever we source other materials/supplies we always consider local sources as part of the equation. In fact most of the Structural Insulated Panels and even the end sealer we use to slow moisture loss in our timbers are manufactured in Buffalo (the nearest sources we know of). Going totally local is not necessarily easy but is one of our goals and metrics we take seriously. One of the hurdles of going local is discovering local businesses. Fortunately we have connected with SyracuseFirst, a nonprofit that encourages citizens, businesses, government and nonprofit organizations to “think local first.” Their mission is to promote a sustainable community and is a principle we whole heartedly support (it is one of our founding principles for goodness sakes). We are proud to be supporters of this great organization and encourage you to check out their website,, and become a supporter and/or get involved in this movement.

Not convinced consider some of the following:

Top Ten Reasons

  1. Significantly More Money Re-circulates in Syracuse.

    When you buy local, more money is kept in the community to benefit the Greater Syracuse tax base.

  2. Unique Businesses Create Character & Prosperity: It makes us a destination.

    The character of Syracuse defines our local community and helps generate tourism. By preserving local businesses, we offer alternatives to tourists visiting the Syracuse area.

  3. Environmental Impact Is Reduced.

    Businesses can utilize local resources to make eco-friendly decisions. Community members are less likely to disperse when businesses are centrally located which also decreases congestion and pollution.

  4. Most New Jobs are Provided By Local Businesses.

    Local businesses help employ citizens of the Syracuse area. If we continue to buy local, job creation will expand and help build a more sustainable community.

  5. Customer Service Is Better.
  6. Non-Profits Receive Greater Support.
  7. Local Business Owners Invest In Community.

    When local business owners give back, they help to reinforce the buy local movement.

  8. Public Benefits Far Outweigh Public Costs.

    Local businesses utilize public service and local spending to ensure that sales tax is reinvested in the community.

  9. Competition & Diversity Leads To More Consumer Choices.
  10. Investment In Greater Syracuse Is Encouraged.

    Due to their distinct character and autonomous nature, entrepreneurs are more likely to settle in sustainable areas. Nurturing local businesses, strengthens our community.

  11. (Top ten reasons from SyracuseFirst website)

If you are or know of a local business we should assoicate with then we would love to hear from you. Better yet join our community on Twitter and Facebook to help grow the local movement.

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