Timber Frame Mascot

h2>Announcing our new timber framing mascot:

Mortise Barktoven (aka Mort)

Mort is our new Mascot. Beside learning the art of sitting and fetching things other than dirty socks he is learning the art and craft of timber framing. As such he will have to learn the terminology. Like many timber frame novices, one of the very first terms that is taught is coincidentally his name sake; mortise.

MORTISE. In general, a rectangular cavity into which a tenon (or another object such as a lock) may be inserted. 1

Generally the mortise is taught along with its mating side of the joint; the tenon.

TENON. The end of a timber, reduced in section and flanked by one or more resulting shoulders. 1

Okay so maybe this a shameless exploitation of cute puppy pictures but there will be more Lessons with Mort with more explanations of timber frame terms and concepts to come. So keep an eye out for more of Mort’s education in future posts.

1– Timber Framing—The Journal of the Timber Framers Guild; Number 68, June 2003

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