Timber Frame Pergolas Enhance any Setting

Timber Frame Pergola

Timber Frame Pergola

The mainstay of our business is undoubtedly timber frame homes but outdoor frames are also high on the list of frames we love to build. Outdoor frames, such as pergolas or pavilions, offer a freedom of form and function that is unrestrained by housing conventions and associated utilities/systems. In the outdoor setting the frame typically stands alone or is used to accentuate natural features.

Why Timber Frame

When it comes to pergolas there are many options in both designs and materials and while some of these products offer some advantages over each other, none offers what a fully timber framed pergolas can. One of the main advantages of timber framed pergolas, and for that matter all timber frame structures, is their unsurpassed strength and durability. Heavy timbers connected with wooden joinery become interlocked and the whole is much stronger than the sum of its parts. At New Heritage Woodworking we use naturally rot resistant larch timbers, which won’t leach harmful chemicals and are benign to the environment. Heavy timber pergolas don’t have that rickety/spindly look that some other designs/materials have. Perhaps above all the level of craftsmanship that goes into every one of our timber frames will enhance your garden/outdoor living space. You will find that patios, decks, walkways and outdoor kitchens are all accentuated and enhanced by these beautiful wood structures.

Standard Designs/Features

We have developed a standard designs that is easily incorporated into any outdoor setting. In designing our pergolas, proportions were a driving force and you will find them throughout our handcrafted frames. From the sweep of our curved braces to the scale of the timbers, we focus on every detail and aspect to make sure everything works harmoniously and stays in balance with each other.

Custom Designs

Pergola with Natural Round Posts

Pergola with Natural Round Posts

Our standard pergola design is just the start of our design and building capabilities. If you can imagine it then we can not only build it but by utilizing 3D and Photo-real design help you visualize the project in its future setting. We have discussed these design features elsewhere and encourage you to check out more about our 3D design(including a video and 3D model). Or check out some pergola custom designs ideas.

Craftsman Style Pergola

Craftsman Style

Tips for getting the most out of your Pergola

Pergolas are a handsome addition to any outdoor setting but can also serve several functions as well. These functions are inherent to properly designing a custom pergola and we offer a few ideas/suggestions to get you thinking about how to incorporate your dream structure into your outdoor living space.


From a purely practical point of view, their main function is to provide shade and used in conjunction with climbing plants the amount of shade these structures provide can be substantial. By strategically using climbing vines, you can provide shade during the height of summer when it is most valued and still have passive solar gain during the winter. Similarly orienting the purlins, the cross wise roof members, properly you can also maximize shade, though this approach provides mostly year round shade as opposed to seasonal shade. Both of these elements are important when planning the placement and design of your pergola.

Outdoor Space

Another function of a pergola is defining outdoor space. The posts effectively delineate outdoor rooms without creating barriers or imposing on the scenery. Indeed properly oriented the timbers could be used to frame a particular scenic view or setting so as to enhance the setting with a Zen-like portal onto nature. In your outdoor living area a pergola could be used to delineate your dining area from your cooking area. By incorporating outdoor benches or tables would add accentuate the two area even further.

Transitional Space

Another effective use of pergolas, especially long narrow ones, is to provide a transitional effect between two spaces. Built between garage and home the pergola acts as a hallway between the two buildings. Positioned between the house and garden it provides an transition between sheltered and open space that allows the two to intertwine and become one and the same. Another unique use of transitions is to place the pergola at a the beginning of a path/trail that leads into the woods, fields or other wild space that helps enhance the transition from developed to undeveloped space. Transitional spaces are often underutilized but their effects are enormous.

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