New Timber Frame Raising Video

By popular request we have added videos to the site. Many clients have expressed that pictures can not quite capture the warmth, comfort and overall feel of a timber frame and to really understand the appeal you have to experience them. Hopefully by adding videos to the site we will bring you one step closer to that unique experience. In that vain one of the most dramatic moments in a timber frame’s life cycle, is raising day. So for our first video we have featured one of our raisings and expect to add more raising and informative videos on our new YouTube channel. Enough talk on with the show…

As many have said, timber frames have to be experienced to truly appreciate the unique look and feel they add to the character of your home. We have a home tour of this frame on February 19th which we encourage you to attend or to schedule a visit to our shop or one of our on going projects please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Coming up next…… Timber Framing and the Local Economy

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