Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Timber Framing? 

A: Timber framing is a traditional form of carpentry whose roots date back centuries. Instead of using metal fasteners, wood joints, such as the mortise and tenon, are employed to create strong and durable connections.

Q: Timber frames are like log cabins, right?

A: Actually no. Log cabins are built by stacking one log on top of another, while timber framing uses joined timbers to form an engineered structure.

Q: What is the difference between Timber Framing and Post and Beam construction?

A: Post and Beam construction includes all types of timber construction regardless of the type of connection. Therefore the use of bolts and wood joints are both included in Post and Beam construction, while timber framing uses wooden joints exclusively.

Q: Do you build (insert anything here)?

A: Short answer: Probably.

A: Long Answer: We specialize in building timber frames which can be anything that requires a wooden structure. Timber framing is a construction technique and can be utilized to build almost anything. From houses and barns to play structures and pergolas, we can employ the techniques of timber framing to provide you with a beautiful and durable structure. Structures as small as dog houses and bed frames have been timber framed so if you have a project in mind let us know and we will do our best to timber frame it.

Q: Do you install SIPS?

A: Yes. We  install SIPS as a part of our timber frame packages for insulated buildings.

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