Why connect?

Our newsletter is probably the easiest way to get news, new content and information but the advent of social media has opened up some interesting new venues to expand our growing community of timber frame fans.


Our Facebook page is probably our second home on the web. We often share photos, links, articles, give advanced notices of upcoming events, and provide other content not available here. We would also encourage you to share your own stuff on the facebook page. Ask a question, share a pic or whatever you want. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our twitter feed provides updates for news, posts on facebook, notices about new youtube videos. We don’t active use the twitter platform in and of itself but rather use it as an aggregator for all our new content. Don’t worry our we don’t tweet that often and won’t clog your twitter feed with solicitations.


All of our videos are hosted on our Youtube channel and we have some great ideas for new videos in the works. You can also view our videos on our video page.